WestView News: Learning and Sharing Yoga's Lessons

By George Goss
Originally published on July 25, 2011 at www.westviewnews.org

The Integral Yoga Institute at 227 West 13th Street has long been a sanctuary of peace in the West Village. For myself and many others who spend way too many hours staring into cyberspace, the gentle yoga techniques taught at the center can help realign the body and soothe the eyes and the mind.

BREATHE: Yoga teacher Erin Wilson of Integral Yoga Institute. Photo by George Goss.Now, the Institute is extending its message slotseeing.com to public school students in New York City as part of its “Yoga at School” program. Recently, I participated in a class at James Baldwin School in Chelsea taught by Erin Wilson, who also offers workshops in non-violent communication. The program’s stated mission is to share with the students “how to manage stress, create icanbartend.com peace in their lives and radiate that peace into the lives of others through breathing practices, stretching, relaxation techniques and meditation.”

Judging from what I saw and experienced, it is beginning to make some progress. Erin firmly believes, not without reason, that her students can transform society. It is her hope that yoga is not viewed as “some Eastern thing that is far out and for hippies, but a practice that can teach life skills that can have a positive impact on their community.”

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